Tournament Rules


  • 2 x attackers
  • 2 x defenders
  • 1 x Centre
  • Each team can register up to 10 players and can have unlimited substitutions
  • No physical contact – you cannot restrict any player
  • The ball must be passed within three seconds of catching a pass
  • Ball must be touched by a player in each third of the court
  • Maximum 2 males on the court at any one time
  • No more than two netball representative players on the court at any one time



  • Goal shot inside goal circle = 1 point
  • Goal shot outside goal circle = 3 points

To start a game:

  • Game starts as soon as the Centre with possession places one foot in the circle
  • After goal is scored, game restarts from a Centre pass taken by the team who conceded the last goal

Player Substitutions:

  • Player substitution can be made at any time providing the player on court leaves the court before the replacement goes on court

What if the games are tied??    

  • There will be a sudden death ‘shoot off” which the umpire will control

Umpire: (one umpire controls the whole court)

  • Umpire blows the whistle at the Centre passes and when an infringement takes place
  • If the umpire blows the whistle for an infringement the non-offending team takes the pass from where the infringement took place (player can shoot a goal not defended)

Duration of Game:

  • 2 x 10 minute halves
  • No injury time can be added to any game
  • Timing for all games will be controlled by the central Loud Speaker Sound system

Cost:      $50.00 per team paid when registering team online


  • Minogue Park Netball Courts, Moore Street, Forest Lake, Hamilton


  • Saturday, 24 November 2012 with a 9.30am start


  • no uniform restrictions, dressup in a fun way, prizes for best dressed teams and spot prizes throughout the day

'Entries close on Saturday, 17 November and no teams will be able to enter on the day’. Draw details will be sent to everyone on Friday, 23 November.